La Débraillée is an Italian brand of leather goods, from a vision of Alice Rosignoli.

Alice, a graduate in Industrial Design, creates handbags, in which shape and aesthetics merge harmoniously in a perfect balanced design.

Elegant and essential, yet always extremely practical and versatile, these handbags mould and adapt to every situation presented by the fast changing hustle of city life.

La Débraillée is used in french to call a person slack in their appearance. The brand’s name was chosen to highlight the importance of cosiness and comfort.



The brand’s creations are made in a small, artisan, family-run handbag factory located in central Italy.

All the materials and accessories that are used in manufacture of the bags are sourced from Italy.

The entire collection is made in leather of European origin, tanned in a reputable tannery in Vicenza, Italy, that conforms to Health and Safety and Environmental regulations.

Thanks to the meticulous care given to selecting it’s raw materials and collaborators, La Débraillée is confident of the quality of its products, their strength and durability.


La Débraillée presents a permanent collection that is amplified each year with a selective number of styles.

The essence of design delivers gender-neutral bags that relate strongly to the individuality of the people who wear them.

A distinctive feature is the use of a restricted colour palette, both an identification strategy and expression of resistance to conform to passing trends.