The Essence of La Débraillée

"Dishevelled" - A Beacon of Unconventionality: In French, 'La Débraillée' evokes a state of casual, dishevelled elegance, symbolising our core ethos. We are at the crossroads of adaptable day-to-night utility and a design ethos that transcends gender norms. Our brand ethos is entrenched in enduring longevity and an unwavering commitment to environmental stewardship. We strive to offer an antidote to the ephemeral nature of trends, crafting designs with a lasting allure.

Functionality at Its Core

Practical Luxury: La Débraillée is synonymous with pragmatic design. Our creations are the fruition of meticulous craftsmanship, each tailored to address the evolving needs of the modern individual. Our designs transcend mere visual appeal, embodying functional artistry that offers ingenious solutions to daily life’s complexities.

Aesthetic Innovation

The Symbiosis of Function and Form: La Débraillée sets itself apart with a blend of modern design sensibilities and an ageless grace. Contrasting with traditional fashion labels where aesthetics often overshadow utility, our focus is firmly rooted in practicality. Each item is a testament to our belief that exceptional design stems from the quest to solve real-world challenges, resulting in products that are not only functional but exude a refined beauty.


Embracing Slow Fashion

Beyond the Bounds of Trends: At La Débraillée, our design philosophy is not swayed by the transient nature of fashion trends. We are devoted to crafting thoughtfully conceived, functional items that transcend seasonal fads. Our belief lies in the enduring power of well-considered design, with each piece intended to be a cherished, long-term companion, far beyond a mere seasonal accessory.

Gender-Neutral Design

A Universal Appeal: Our design journey naturally leads to the creation of gender-neutral products. The timelessness and minimalism of our pieces allow them to seamlessly integrate into the style of any wearer, regardless of gender identity. We champion functionality that transcends gender, crafting designs that resonate with all individuals.

Elegance in Minimalism

Harmonizing Style for Everyone: La Débraillée excels in crafting minimalistic designs that cater to a universal audience. Our approach to minimalism is more than just an aesthetic choice; it's a philosophy that embodies simplicity, versatility, and accessibility. Each creation is carefully designed to blend effortlessly into any wardrobe, providing elegant solutions that enhance the individual style of each wearer. We pride ourselves on offering designs that are understated yet impactful, ensuring that our pieces are relevant and appealing to everyone.

Alice Rosignoli

The Driving Force Behind La Débraillée: Alice Rosignoli, the founder and the creative force behind the brand, envisioned La Débraillée with a unique perspective. Her ambition is simple yet profound: to craft products that streamline life's daily routines. "My aim is to create intelligent products that ease your day-to-day life, imbuing practicality with a sense of beauty that accompanies you from day to night.

A Journey of Creative Discovery

From Parisian Beginnings to Italian Craftsmanship: Alice Rosignoli's journey as a designer is a narrative of unexpected discovery and deep passion. Having spent a decade in Paris as a Product Designer, she was inspired to create La Débraillée out of a personal need, driven by the practical challenges of city living and a desire to create products tailored to the real-life needs of people around her. This inspiration led her to develop a brand that transcends conventional fashion and design boundaries. After a few years, relocating the brand to Italy, where its production was based, was a natural progression.

Upcycled Leather

Eco-Elegance in Design: Our commitment to sustainability is deeply ingrained in our use of upcycled leather. We consciously choose to forego the demand for new leather production, focusing instead on giving new purpose to surplus leather materials.

This approach not only resonates with our ethos of sustainability but also ensures that each piece we create is both environmentally responsible and of high quality. By using upcycled leather, we contribute to reducing waste and minimizing our environmental footprint, while still offering products of distinct quality and durability.

Responsible Sourcing, Meaningful Impact

Innovative Upcycling: At La Débraillée, our sustainable approach to creating our distinct color palette is rooted in innovative upcycling. We source our upcycled leather from the surplus production of other luxury brands in the Marche region, from tanneries' trials, and from manufacturing leftovers.

This approach is pivotal in reducing environmental impact, as disposing of leather typically generates pollution. We exclusively use leather that is a byproduct of the food industry, deliberately choosing to minimize waste and ensure that our resources are used responsibly.

Color Drops - Limited Edition Hues

Exclusive and Evolving Palette: Each model in our collection is always available in our signature black - a staple color that consistently features in the dead stock of companies. For those seeking something beyond the classic, our other colors, all upcycled, are offered as limited edition 'color drops.' These unique hues are available only until stocks last, making each colored item an exclusive, fleeting opportunity. Our varied stock for these limited edition colors reflects our commitment to sustainability and exclusivity.

Minimal Stock, Maximum Impact

Conscious Production and Artisanal Quality: At La Débraillée, our approach to stock is inherently minimalist, influenced by the limited availability of upcycled leather and our dedication to artisanal craftsmanship. We produce only in quantities that our resources and skilled artisans can sustain, ensuring no excess or wastage.

This strategy is not just about adhering to our sustainable principles; it also means each piece we create is crafted with care and precision, making it highly valued and desired. Our commitment to minimal stock underlines our dedication to responsible production, reflecting a harmonious blend of environmental consideration and the preservation of artisanal skills.

Locally Sourced Materials

An Ode to The Marche Region: Our commitment to sustainability extends to sourcing all materials from Italy’s Marche region. This practice not only bolsters local industries but also significantly reduces our ecological footprint. Our dedication to local sourcing encompasses everything from the materials we use to our production methodologies.


Handmade in Italy

Celebrating Artisanship and Quality: La Débraillée is a tribute to the rich tradition of Italian craftsmanship. Each product in our collection is handcrafted, standing as a testament to unparalleled quality and the preservation of artisanal skills. We take pride in being custodians of this artisanal heritage, creating not just products, but timeless treasures that reflect the soul of true Italian craftsmanship.

In our commitment to authenticity and quality, we consciously choose to collaborate with local artisans rather than larger factories. This choice allows us to know personally who makes our bags, ensuring that each piece is made with care, attention to detail, and under fair working conditions. We believe in supporting a transparent and ethical production process, where each artisan is valued for their skill and dedication.

Beyond Design: Our Ethos

La Débraillée transcends the conventional boundaries of a brand; it is a life philosophy where design, functionality, and ecological consciousness merge to craft products that are not merely aesthetically pleasing but hold a deeper significance. In every creation, we strive to balance these elements, ensuring that our products are not just objects, but meaningful additions to your everyday life.

This philosophy is reflected in our meticulous approach to every aspect of our craft. From the selection of eco-friendly materials to our commitment to ethical manufacturing practices, we ensure that each La Débraillée piece embodies a sense of purpose and sustainability. Our design process is an ongoing journey of discovery, one that challenges us to constantly rethink and redefine what it means to be a responsible brand in today's world.

In choosing La Débraillée, you're embracing a lifestyle that values thoughtful consumption. Our products are designed to be timeless, moving beyond the transient nature of trends to become enduring staples in your wardrobe. This is our commitment to you: to provide luxury that is both meaningful and lasting, a true fusion of form, function, and environmental consciousness.